The Neighbourhood of Sibiu (2)

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The typical Transylvanian fortified churches are also in the area of Sibiu. For instance, there is Cinădioara, where there stands Romania’s oldest church in the Romanesque style. It was made in the 12th century by the first colonies of German Saxons who came to Transylvania. The village of Cisnădioara is also in a mountainous area, and for the construction of the church, a pretty high hill was chosen. From the church, the village seemed to be in a depression, surrounded by mountains and forests. The church itself was initially a Catholic church. After the Reformation of the 16th century, which has been embraced by the Transylvania Saxons as well, it was turned into a Lutheran church. The head of the church is, as usual, a bishop who resides in Sibiu.

Close to the church, some stones can be seen that had to be brought here by the men who wanted to marry. These stones were used later for defense. Fortunately, nowadays no one needs to carry stones to the fortress, a young woman from Cisnădioara tells us, because else no one would marry in Cisnădioara these days.

Near Cibin River, 282 KM NW of Bucharest
Sibiu, Transylvania, Romania

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