Broadway At the Beach

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by raderwayne on February 8, 2006

Now, being a man, I am not much into shopping, but this is a shopping mall for everybody, male and female, young and old. What you have here is shopping (about 100 specialty stores), dining (20 restaurants, including Planet Hollywood, Nascar Cafe,and Hard Rock), 15 attractions, 10 nightclubs, and even 3 hotels (Holiday Inn, Fairfield and Hampton) on a site spread 350 acres around a large area of water. The 350 acres can be a bit confusing because some of the attractions need to be driven to and are not really close enough to walk to in the busy traffic. We went back a few times while we were there because there really is so much to do. They have a mini golf area if some want to have fun while others may want to shop, or Ripleys Aquarium, Nascar Speed Park, a movie theater, and plenty more. We did do the Dragons Lair golf (only one of the two courses however), the Nascar Speed Park and a few of the restaurants while going there a few times during our stay.

It is a nice place to go with a group of people because everybody can go their own way. We were able to keep in touch with cell phones and decide when we wanted to meet up again. Just make sure to be specific about where you are; we found some stores very similar and there are two Ben and Jerry's ice-cream shops. This was also quite a bit of exercise, walking around the water in the center and we even fed their ducks and fish which were very plump to say the least. It was amusing to watch the fish jump over each other to get the pellets available along the decks and walkways. For even more up-to-date information, go to their website. Here that is:

One more nice thing about this attraction is that if you stay on one of the beach hotels, you can catch a bus to the mall, so if you want to find a favorite watering hole, it will allow everyone to have a few drinks without worrying about how to get home or if you don't want to rent a car it makes life a little easier. Our resort (South Beach Resort) actually has a shuttle van that goes there at various times throughout the day.

Broadway at the Beach
1325 Celebrity Circle
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, 29577
(843) 444-3200

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