Ocean Journey

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by RomysTravels on August 7, 2005

Here's what's good and bad.

Good: This is a very cute escape from the city, with very entertaining exhibits. Any age would love seeing this. It's a great family get-together thing to do. There are different things to see, and not just fish: they had a snake, turtle, sea otter, and ducks. You can touch a sting ray. And they allow you to take pictures inside.

Here's what's bad: You can see this whole place in an hour, because they don't have much to see. The parking was about $8. The entrance fee is about $14 - VERYYYY pricey. I don't care if it costs a lot to get fish to Colorado. I went to the largest freshwater aquarium in Chattanooga, TN (12 stories high, not just a couple like Ocean Journey, and its very inland, so they have to pay more to get the fish there). It took us 10 minutes to find Ocean Journey from downtown because only one road leads to it. And it's under the bridge, so you can't see it or turn to it from a main road coming east. And on top of all of that, right now it's under construction, so there's no where to eat or buy gifts. So, for me, it was pretty bad. Hopefully in 2006 they'll fix everything up a bit and realize that it shouldn't be that much money. And if it is, they better put more exhibits!! That place looked four stories high and only had about 50 exhibits! Come on!!

Colorado's Ocean Journey
700 Water St
Denver, Colorado, 80211
+1 303 561 4450; +1


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