Mystere - Cirque du Soleil

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by soleil17 on February 28, 2005

For several weeks before our trip to Vegas, we tried to book decent seats for Mystere, but the website kept showing us seats in the very back row. However, we tried again 3 days before our trip and ended up getting two seats dead-center front row! Apparently, a portion of the seats are only put on sale a few days before every show. I would recommend the second row over the first row, however, as there is a safety bar running along the first row that may inhibit the view of shorter patrons.

We greatly enjoyed Mystere, particularly the changes that were possible with the moving stage. We had seen La Nouba in Orlando a few months earlier. Out of the two shows, I prefered La Nouba, as it is much more athletic, whereas Mystere seems to place emphasis on artistry over athleticism. From the front row, it was clear that this is an older show, as some of the costumes and props were quite dirty and worn. The entertainment value was not inhibited by this, though. The show runs about 1.5 hours nonstop. The standard tumbling and trapeze acts were part of the show but were much more innovative and daring than an average circus. The show had two very funny characters interlaced in and out of the plot as well. Be careful if you sit in the front row! You may be participating more than you'd like!

Mystere at Treasure Island
3300 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109
(702) 796-9999

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