Statue Park

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There are 40 statues arranged around a gravel park. The statues, busts, and plaques were moved there from the city after the communists lost power, when the Hungarian people did not want the reminders of the past. A great idea in lieu of them being destroyed!

The statues range from Communist favourites like Lenin and Marx to figures from WWII and the uprising of 1956

The park makes an interesting diversion from the city. To get there, get a tram to Etele Ter and then take the Volan bus. Every city map has an advertisement for this place, so just show that to the person at the ticket office and they'll know what you want. Alternatively, you can get the expensive bus from the city centre, BUT the journey is half the fun and the former is cheaper.


Memento Statue Park
Bathori utca, 22
Budapest, Hungary, 1054
+36 1 424 7500

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