Natural Bridge

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Your first thought when you enter this natural site is that you are in a different world. The road consists of dirt, rocks, and huge potholes everywhere. We were on a scooter and everyone was laughing at us.

If you want to visit Natural Bridge comfortably and safely, take a tour bus, jeep, or ATV because the road is difficult to maneuver.

Once you enter the park, the road forks. To the west are ancient ruins and rock piles that are a must-see. For almost as far as you can see, there are piles of five rocks, some barely balancing on each other. This is an ancient belief that your wishes come true if you pile five rocks on each other. It looks like you are on the surface of the moon.

From the fork in the road, if you head east, you are on your way to Natural Bridge. There is a beautiful scenic stop on the way, complete with palm umbrellas and rocks to climb on. Just the sound of the rough waves hitting the rocks and splashing high into the air is a sight to see. TIP: don't wear flip-flops; I did and it was very difficult to climb on the sharp rocks, as they are more like coral.

As you continue down the road for about 1 mile, you will come upon Natural Bridge. There is a small deli and gift shop. It is 0$.25 cents to use the bathroom, and don't waste your time in the gift shop, as it has nothing to do with Natural Bridge.

There are a few great places to view the bridge. First, there is a spot behind the gift shop, where you can watch the waves come upon the bridge and crash on the rocks before it. Secondly, you can stand on the bridge, and thirdly, you can climb down the stairs to stand on the shore while the waves come under the bridge and wash over your feet. Make sure to view it from all angles.

The picture opportunities are amazing when the sun hits the bridge just right, highlighting its orange color.

If you continue down the road, you will eventually reach Natural Pool, which I hear is great for swimming. We did not have the energy to try and maneuver the roads with our scooter.

There are no admission fees for any parts of the park.

Natural Bridge

Oranjestad, Aruba

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