Passion Island Escape

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Cross over to Passion Island by motorized tender or canoe. Stroll along Passion Island’s white-sand beaches. This tiny island just off Cozumel's northern coast is part of the state-sponsored wildlife refuge located in the Abrigo Bay. With the number of people that visits this part, you may never see any hint of wildlife, except for the occasional romantic getaway in the wooded area.

Jorge (George) Deluca is one of the popular guides, and he is very funny and informative; he treats guests like royalty the whole time. George spends some time in the Statesso he can relate to the US citizens.

The buffet is set up with a lot of fresh, authentic food of the region, including fresh salsa and guacamole, fish, and more. Delicious! There is a bar set up in the sand with all the drinks you can drink. All the Coronas, tequila, margaritas, and rum punch you can hold are included in the original price of $68 a person.

Beach games are played, including a balloon toss competition in which a prize is given to the winning team. Beach chairs and hammocks are free and available.

This is a great way to relax and to get away. It is said that Corona commercials are filmed at Passion Island, so study the next time you see one of these commercials.

Passion Island and Beach
Abrigo Bay 1 Mile North Of Punta Norte
Cozumel, Mexico, 77600
+52 987 20 972 (tour

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