Upper Yosemite Falls Trail

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Ischyros on November 23, 2004

The trail starts at the back of Camp 4 (aka Sunnyside Walk-in Campground) just to the west of the Yosemite Lodge on Northside Drive. The trail quickly climbs and you will have to negotiate several dozen switchbacks before you finally reach Columbia Rock after a mile. Although it's not signed, you will no doubt want to stop to admire the perfect views across the valley to Half Dome. Looking down it is amazing how far up you've climbed and how far you still have to go.

Moving on you eventually round a corner to the first glimpse of Upper Yosemite Falls. This is the only place in the park you can get upclose photos of the falls. In spring you will get soaked with mist all the way through here. The trail levels out for a while before ducking into a large crevass in the cliff wall and the falls disappear for the rest of the climb as several dozen more switchbacks finally bring us to the rim of Yosemite Valley. The trail is easily lost here but there is a small fenced in viewing area on the cliff at the brink of the falls. There is a very narrow rock stairwell to get down though and people with a fear of heights may want to stay well back from the view point. The only way back is the way you came.

Upper Yosemite Falls Trail Hike
Sunnyside Camp 4 near Shuttle Stop #7
Yosemite National Park, California, 95389
+1 209 372 0200


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