Saint Chapelle

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Laalasa on November 8, 2004

Saint Chappell is situated in the Palais du Justice complex on Ile de la Cite. After a five-minute queue for security check (note: lines to St. Chappell and Palais du Justice are different, and the latter tends to be shorter, but once inside, both merge), we were in. The chapel itself is small and is passed on by tourists heading across to Notre Dame.

It was built around 1245 AD to house, among other things, Christ’s Crown of Thorns, and is celebrated for its stained glass windows. When you remind yourself that they are not merely sheets of painted glass, but thousands of pieces of different-colored glass cut into shapes and fitted into lead strips, it will make you truly appreciate the amount of work and creativity that went into making every single window. It is well worth the visit, as you can get really close to them, unlike other monuments in Paris.

4 boulevard du Palais
Paris, France, 75001
+33 (1) 5340 6080

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