Table Rock Dam

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by WhoELS21 on September 9, 2004

Table Rock Dam is a great site to see especially when they are letting out water. I have attached some pictures that will do all the speaking it needs to do. I would say this is a must-see while you are in town. They offer tours and on both sides of the dam are service roads so you can get some great pictures along with a view of Tabel Rock Lake, Taneycomo Lake, and all of Branson. They have a great fish hatchery that is also worth the stop. Make sure that you have a few quarters so you can buy fish food for them. Even if you decided to be cheap and not spend the quarter hold your hand out above the holding tanks and the trout will go NUTS jumping and fighting thinking that they will miss out of the food if they don't. If you have kids TAKE THE QUARTERS becasue its a LOT of fun and they will remember it for years!
Table Rock State Park
5272 State Highway 165
Branson, Missouri, 65616
+1 417 334 4704

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