The Museum of Scotland

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by NazaReanA on August 10, 2004

First things first, the admission is free so there’s no excuse for not visiting this place. The Museum of Scotland is quite huge. It has 3 levels but due to time constraints, I only managed to cover the 1st floor. Not that bad actually. The exhibitions are about different types of animals like the local wildlife, endangered species and animals that are already extinct. The statues that were displayed are life-size animals so it’s totally awesome. I tried to take a picture with the giraffe but I had an interesting choice: either the giraffe will appear headless in the photo or I’m not in it. I discovered that there are about 5 types of bear and the grizzly bear. I feel like touching a bear's soft fur to cuddle it. I might have second thoughts if it was real though! The dolphins’ statues are the cutest. The museum has a picture of the sea on cardboard as the background and the dolphins are realistically jumping out of the sea to your direction. It feels like being in a still zoo.

Apart from the animal exhibits, the museum also has a showcase on contemporary furnishing and stylistic items to decorate your home. My personal favourite is the hanging CD rack. Imagine putting a cloth on a hook but this hook is a CD! It is really cool.

National Museum of Scotland
Chambers Street
Edinburgh, Scotland, EH1 1JF
0300 123 6789

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