Santa Margherita Square

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The vast Campo Santa Margherita, ringed by houses that date back as far as the 14th century, is the heart of Dorsoduro. In the morning you will find here daily market. Students from the nearby university hang out in the square's bars and cafés. The church that gives the campo its name was closed in 1810 and is now a university auditorium. You will notice the dragons in the decorative stonework on the former church. As the legend goes, Saint Margaret emerged unscathed after the dragon that had swallowed her exploded. A miraculous escape from the dragon’s guts makes her the patron saint of pregnant women.

If you have enough time than look around you will see the dragon features on the campanile. Saint Margaret also stands on the beast between the windows of a house at the northern end of the square.

Santa Margherita Square
Venice, Italy

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