Member Rating 3 out of 5 by xzxangeleyezxzx on July 29, 2004

On this tour you start out at a dock where you have to choose in advance when you book your tour if you want to drive a speed boat or jet ski for two. We booked the jet ski but when we got there we saw how uncomfortable they looked and luckly there was an extra speed boat. It not your normal jet ski, it has a square base where two people sit on and you have to drive for about 45 mins straight. The speed boat you get to sit in this little boat side by side and it just looked way more comfortable. After you drive out through the lagoon into the ocean you snorkel in the second largest reef in the world right in the middle of the ocean. If was beautiful but you snorkel for about 45 minutes and I got tired of if after a while so I sat back in the speed boat. The people who took the jet ski where complaing that there butts hurt and the girls that were holding on to there boyfriends thought they were going to fall off. Than you take you boat or ski back to the dock. Its a short tour if you want to relax during the morning at the hotel and just go out for a little while. Depending on who you book through you meet at a different dock. There is more than one Jungle Tour that goes out to the ocean.
AquaWorld Cancun
Boulevard Kukulc√°n Km 15.2
Cancun, Mexico


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