Lake Huacachina Oasis

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Lake Huacachina is an oasis in the middle of the Peruvian coastal desert. It is surrounded by huge palm trees and sand dunes, on which you can "sandboard" if you are adventurous. It's a beautiful spot to relax and eat some seafood or drink a beer.

You can take a taxi to Lago Huacachina from downtown Ica for S/. 2.50.

There are a number of touts hawking adventure sports along the shore of the lake, so finding a place to sandboard, hike, or surf shouldn’t be a problem. You can also rent paddleboats. Swimming more than five meters out into the lake is forbidden, but many of the locals seem to bend this rule. Just remember to negotiate, and never pay in advance.

Lake Huacachina Oasis
Lago Huacachina
Ica, Peru

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