Pink Jeep Tour

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Dave Lapha on April 30, 2004

If you’re looking for adventure and fun, be sure to do the ultimate jeep experience in a Pink Jeep. Pink Jeep Tours have been driving up, over and down the Red Rocks of Sedona since 1958.

We start off with another couple and our driver. We head out on the main highway. Its not long before we make the turn onto "The Road of No Return" that begins our Broken Arrow tour. As we ride along this dirt path we are all thinking, well this isn’t bad. When all of a sudden our eyes open wide as our driver pulls to the edge of this flat rock and says "hang on". Next thing we know we’re leaning into our seat belts and looking straight down as we go over the side of that rock. Wow, it was great. Now we’re back on that dirt path passing through magnificent canyon walls. The calm part doesn’t last long before we’re bouncing down a natural staircase at a 45-degree angle.

Finally we get a chance to climb out and make sure we’re in one piece. Our driver has stopped on a huge rock formation that gives you a bird’s-eye view of the area. We get to look around while he gives us some background info on the area, geology and the various rock formations we can see. Then, before we all climb back in he takes our picture so we have something else to remember our day with.

Before we know it our fun-filled four-wheeling jeep tour is over. It’s been everything we expected and more. A mild bouncy ride, up and down through creek beds and taking it to the extreme of going down the side of boulders or up the side of very, very steep hills. The excitement of dropping off the side of that rock and the bouncing down the staircase. Best of all, we got to go to places we never imagined existed.

No matter which tour you take sit back but hang on and enjoy every minute of it. Gee, I wonder if our Jeep Wrangler back home can do some of these stunts?

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Pink Jeep Tours
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