Tjakupai Aboriginal Center

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by kimbis on March 19, 2004

The day I went it was raining, but I think there are hands-on parts of the program when the weather is better. This would be great for slightly older kids. I know that I learned a lot.

The presentations at Tjukapai are very well and professionally produced. You see a video on Aboriginal history and a live/video program on culture. They've made provisions for rain in the next part, which includes Aboriginal dances and demos of fire making, boomerangs, diggeradoos and spear throwing. I'm sure these are somewhat different if it's not pouring rain, but they are good even in a downpour. I imagine they're BETTER when they can DO the hands on part of the presentation.

The gift shop is a bit overpriced, but the presentation is excellent.

The price varies depending on whether or not you want to be picked up from and returned to your hotel or not, whether you want to add the skyrail/train to and from Karunda ... and if you are doing the day or evening presentation.

Tjakupai Aboriginal Center
Kuranda, Queensland
Cairns, Australia

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