Inveraray Farm Park

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by lulureduk on February 28, 2004

Well, on first appearances, you might be a bit disappointed, because you expect a big farm park and from the outside it appears to be just a few fields; but it spreads over a distance. There are winding little paths going around different animals, and wallabies actually just bounce freely - no fencing them in! There is the normal stuff - horses, pigs, bunny rabbits, etc. - and kids can handle them. There are many, many pens with geese and all sorts of birds in them - all of which you can feed.

At the very end of the park, they have a section with goats, etc. Don't just turn around because goats are boring. In the far corner, they have a field of reindeer! Yeah, just like Father Christmas has! And to make it more special, they have an albino one. You may buy bags of food, and whilst walking around, offer food to animals, making them come towards you and eat out of your hand. I have a picture of me feeding the reindeer and stroking his antlers (which were furry), and that was priceless. Worth every penny.

Inveraray Farm Park
Oban, Scotland

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