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Member Rating 4 out of 5 by UK Flower Girl on January 29, 2004

DFDS Canal Tours

You must do a harbour tour in Copenhagen to learn some history and see the city from a different view. It had rained earlier in the day and it appeared to be clear so we made our way over to the ticket counter and purchased four tickets for DKK 50.- each for a one hour tour.

The boat was about a quarter full as we set out into the harbour. We weren't in the boat five minutes when it started to sprinkle on us. No problem: umbrellas!! Were heading out of Nyhavn into the harbour when we all had to duck down so we could fit under the bridge. We knew we were in for an interesting ride.

At this point we were informed that the water in the harbour and canals was a bit high today so we would have to skip part of the canals and go look at other things in the harbour. We did get to see some interesting things. We went by "The Little Mermaid" (Den Lille Havfrue), the Queen's yacht, Amalienborg Slot, the new Marriott and library extension, and all kinds of other interesting things that I don't remember. Why don't I remember, you ask? Most of the hour we were in the boat it was pouring rain and windy. Three of us were trying to shield the four of us from rain. The wind was blowing the umbrellas backwards and water was pouring off of the umbrellas right back onto us. Quite humorous now . . . not at the time.

Our guide thanked us for being troopers before we had to duck down again to get back into Nyhavn. We were absolutely freezing and mad because we chose a horrible time to go.

This aside, we decided we all deserved a little treat when we were done and headed over to purchase a Polser with remoulade, mustard, ketchup, cucumber slices, and crisp onions. Yum yum. Another thing that is highly recommended in Denmark!!

Even though we froze and got soaked, we had a good laugh about it. I would still recommend the tour (just try to go on it when it isn't going to rain).

DFDS Canal Tours
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