Vortexes ala carte

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by BrianFoss on November 6, 2003

Thsi was a one and half hour hike up to the summitt of a canyon. Once there I will not spoil the fun, but it is worth the trip. Bring a knapsack and water as you will need it. We went after a great Sunday brunch at this five-star Enchantment resort ($30 per head but worth $50 or more each because of the great variety of high quality dining, and the desserts are outrageous) and just outside the gated resort is the path to Boynton Canyon. Other trips worth taking were Cathedral Rock and the Church of Holy Cross built right in the rocks. Everywhere you go it seems like you were on a western movie wet. It was top notch! I believe!
Energy Vortexes
State Route 179 & Bell Rock Blvd
Sedona, Arizona


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