Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

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Established in 1927 on the banks of the Brisbane River, Lone Pine has grown to be the largest sanctuary of koalas in the world. This has happened for two main reasons: a) the koala is particularly finicky about the type of eucalyptus leaf and Queensland has an abundance of this species, and b) the koala is non-transient, preferring to stay in one place.

From the entrance, the path takes you around a number of large cages with other native Australian animals, such as the fruit bat or flying fox, the sulphur-crested cockatoo, and the kookaburra.

Other animals in residence are Tasmanian devils, brushtail possums, wombats, goannas (a type of monitor), and several different species of kangaroo and wallaby.

Passing through a double-gated area brings you to a very large enclosure where the kangaroos and wallabies roam free. It is here that you are able to feed the animals with pellets purchased at the front gate. Most of these macropods behave themselves while being fed, though be on your guard, as the more clever ones will try to grab your entire stash of pellets, given half a chance! This area also has picnic tables and a covered gazebo in the unlikely event of rain.

As mentioned earlier, it is possible to be photographed holding a koala, and the cost of this is A$10.00 for a no-frills photo.

This outing is a definite all-day trip out and can be combined with a cruise up and down the Brisbane River. (For more info, contact Mirimar Cruises at North Quay.)

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Jesmond Rd
Brisbane, Australia, 4069
+61 (0)7 3378 1366


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