Stone Hill Winery

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Coach Dad on August 31, 2003

We have visited Stone Hill Winery in Branson, Missouri many times. This was our first visit to Stone Hill’s historic home in Hermann, Missouri. Hermann is known as "Missouri’s Rhine Village". Early in the 19th century, German immigrants migrating west settled along the Missouri River valley. The area greatly resembled their homeland, along the Rhine River valley. The lands around Hermann are not only beautiful, but they are perfect for the vineyards, making this area ideal for wine production.

Stone Hill Winery sits atop a hill overlooking the beautiful town of Hermann. The view from the winery is spectacular. Vineyards surround the entire facility, which include the winery, a restaurant and wine and gift shop. The tour is only $1.50 for adults and takes you through America’s largest series of underground arched cellars. You are giving an interesting lesson about Stone Hill‘s rich history and you see the winemaking process from fermentation to bottling. If you are touring in August, you may get to witness "The Crush". The tour concludes in the Tasting Room. Adult guests are invited to sample of each Stone Hill’s wines. My personal favorite is Vignoles, the jewel of Missouri white wines. This rich, semi-sweet wine, is comparable to German Spatelase or Riesling. Vignole was awarded the Gold Medal, "Best of Variety-Best of Show," at the 2003 San Francisco International. In 2002, Stone Hill was one of the top awarded wineries in the nation, winning 367 medals. The Wine and Gift Shop is a colorful display of Stone Hill’s many varieties of wines, juices and wine related products. Look for Stone Hill’s monthly case specials.

The town of Hermann is right out of the mid-1800s. Clock towers and church steeples rise above the town’s red-bricked buildings. Many of the old, historic homes are now bed and breakfast inns. We had the kids with us, so a romantic bed and breakfast weekend was not possible. I am sure we will be making another trip soon. Next time, the kids stay home.

Stone Hill Winery
1110 Stone Hill Highway
Hermann, Missouri, 65041
(573) 486-2221

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