City Museum: Fun For All

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Coach Dad on September 1, 2003

Our day at the City Museum was the highlight of our weekend trip to St. Louis. Don’t be fooled by the name. City Museum is not an art gallery.

This was our first visit to this 100,000 square-foot warehouse of adventure. The City Museum is located in a former warehouse. It offers three floors of hands-on fun for children of all ages. The interior has been created from recycled materials from the city's demolished buildings and provides a fascinating place for play and creativity. The maze of tunnels, caves, slides and climbing frames make a visit to the City Museum a day of fun and adventure. Although it might be possible to cover the museum in a few hours, who would want to? Plan to spend the day.

MonstroCity is an outdoor playground built from several recycled cranes. There are several ways to the top. Each includes climbing through metal spirals and tubes, up winding stairs, and across narrow walkways. When you reach the top, you are standing on the wings of a real jet airplane.

If you have small children, they will love the rubber-band swings in MonstroCity. These swings are housed in a fenced cage, with a large waterbed mattress as the base. Kids sit in a large loop. When you pull the rubber bands tight and then release, the kids skyrocket into the air. The lighter the child, the higher they will bounce. My girlfriend’s 4-year old daughter loved it!

We took a break from all of the climbing and sliding in the Crafts Area. There you can make tie-dyed t-shirts, decorated a hat, or make a clay creation. We decided on the clay. The kids had a ball. I think my alligator came out pretty good.

City Museum is a place of fantasy, wonder, mystery, craft and whimsy. I have never been to anyplace like City Museum. It is a wondrous destination for the entire family. A place to stretch and exercise your imagination. If you have kids and don't bring them to the City Museum, you will be missing out on a day filled with family fun.

City Museum
701 North 15th St.
St. Louis, Missouri, 63103
(314) 231-2489

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