Choeung Ek - The Killing Fields

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Heydecke on August 18, 2003

When we visited Phnom Penh, the road to the Killing Fields was washed out, so the only was to approach the site was on a moto (motorbike taxi). The ride was hair-razing, weaving first through the chaotic Phnom Penh traffic, and then around puddles and potholes along dirt roads. The final part of the ride was the road that was washed out, which had a series of channels where the floods had completely cut through the road. We navigated these on makeshift bridges, just wide enough for the bike.

The Killing Fields consist of a monument, erected to those who lost their lives at the Killing Fields and an area of holes where the bodies were exhumed in 1980. Ober 9000 people were killed here, but the site does little to bring home the fact the way Tuol Sleng does, especially with the constant begging of scores of small children from the local area. Entry $2.

Choeng Ek Memorial-The Killing Fields
15 Km South Of Phnom Penh
Choeng Ek, Cambodia

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