Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Berghede on September 10, 2003

I wouldn't exactly call this a festival, but once a month this place turns into a raging inferno of mad fans.

A local nu-metal band, Painfield, started a smaller company that hosts this gig. All forms of metal bands from all over Sweden go here to show what they've got. There's no cover charge, but you should really throw a euro or two in the bucket by the door as this is the main funding of their company.

You can also find CDs and such from most of the bands (those who can afford studio time) outside in the "lobby". You can also hang your clothes here, which I recommend as it gets fairly warm and sweaty inside.

The crowd tends to get somewhat violent during the concerts as many of their friends are on stage, but what would a hardcore show be if you came home without a single mark or scratch?

Hard cords
Musikens hus, Majorna
Goteborg, Sweden


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