Maremagnum (Mall) and Souvenir Shopping

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The main reason for this entry is to talk about what kinds of souvenirs are typical of Barcelona, but also to talk about the Maremagnum. The Maremagnum is at the harbor end of the Ramblas. In fact, you must use a pedestrian catwalk known as the Rambla de Mar to get to it as this Mall floats in the Harbor. Barcelona natives consider the Maremagnum to be the latest and greatest in shopping malls. There are many familiar European chain stores as well as many restaurants, bars, terraces, and leisure activities. For example there is an IMAX theater in the Maremagnum. The Aquarium in here also with it’s 4000 different specimens including sharks. There is also a large Cinema complex. The Maremagnum is 39,000 square meters of space right on the water. We walked through the mall on our way to the Aquarium and it didn’t seem terribly crowded which I always think of as a good thing. So if your shopping involves finding some chick European styles this Mall is easy to find and will undoubtedly have what you’re looking for.

On the other side of shopping -- looking for souvenirs, the Ramblas is a good place to start. I collect lapel pins from everywhere we go. (If anyone else collects, I’d love to hear from you.) Anyway, a found many wonderful pins on the Ramblas (near the harbor end.) Another place we found a good selection of wares was near the Unfinished Cathedral -- across the street from the Nativity side actually. This shop had wonderful metal plates that were brass, then covered with black paint and then etched with wonderfully complex patterns. There was also ceramic pottery done in traditional Catalonia styles. I’ve included pictures of both. Small items were inexpensive ($4-5 dollars American) and the larger you went the more they cost. Since Barcelona was the last stop on our trip I had a luggage problem to deal with. So I bought 3 very small black and gold etched plates which I love. So enjoy shopping in Barcelona and may you bring back as many treasures as I did!

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