Member Rating 5 out of 5 by drewsky25 on August 8, 2003

This museum is one of the best ones because you learn a lot and also about the amazing things you see. You´ll find yourself asking a lot of questions about them and about México. While you are in there you will see their food, clothes, arts, bodies, animals, and a lot of stuff they used to do. This will blow your mind.

But one of the amazing things is what different people have found about them. These pieces are worth a lot of money. There are pieces that you can not take a picture of because they are so old or they don´t want to see another copy made. They want those pieces to be unique. Of course you´ll also find small stores where you can buy a lot of things for yourself or friends.

Then after you finish seeing this place you need to go the downtown Zocalo so you can see another museum of the Templo Mayor. This is the temple of the Aztecs where they used to make sacrifies and where Spain came and conquered the Aztecs and destroyed their tamples.

Also, see one of the biggest churches that Spain built on top of one of the pyramid of the Aztecs. You got to go there!!!! This is not expensive either. It's only 45 pesos ($4.50) to 650 pesos ($6.50) to see the Templo Mayor--the church is free.

So, what do you say? Now is time for you to see it in person and not in books anymore. Do not miss it!! I know you´ll love it!!!!

National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History of Peru
Plaza Bolívar s/n, Pueblo Libre
Lima, Peru
+51 (1) 463 5070

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