Punta De Mita

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by trixy on July 21, 2003

Punta de Mita is an hourlong bus journey (for about US$1.50). A small, laid-back, and very quiet town lies just behind the beach. Punta de Mita Beach is really impressive. Just a short walk gets you onto deserted sands with huge crashing waves. There are fewer hotels in this area, which makes it quieter and the further you walk, the more deserted it gets. The only downfall of the beach is that you have to be careful where you swim --- the waves can be massive and under tow strong. However, this makes it a beautiful and impressive place. A handful of cafes on the beach are not too expensive and will look after your bags for you (and keep them safe) if you go for a walk or swim. There are lots of buses throughout the day, although I'm not sure when the last one is.
Punta Mita
Punta de Mita Road
Punta Mita, Mexico, 63734
No phone available


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