Eivissa Old Town Walking Tour - 2

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Continue walking up and you reach Carrer Sant Ciriac. On the corner, you find Capella de Sant Cristofol and nice inexpensive souvenir shop, Shambala, across the street from the chapel. Carry on up the Sant Ciriac and you will find a small chapel built in 1754 in honor of the saint from whom the street takes its name. According to the legend, the chapel marks the exact point where King Jaume’s troops entered the walled area and took the city over.

From the chapel you turn left and continue your way up along Carrer Major (every town has the Main Street), which leads you to the highest point in Dalt Vila. The houses along the street date back to the 15th century. One of them (on your left) contains the only hotel in the Old Town called Torre del Canonico -– it's worth a brief visit even if you are not going to spend a night here.

Carrer Major ends at Plaça de la Catedral at the top of the hill. Apart from taking in a magnificent overview of the port and the city, here you have the opportunity to visit two old buildings. First of all, the Cathedral, built in 14th–16th centuries, remodeled in the 18th, as a result combining Gothic with Baroque. Next to the Cathedral you see la Universitat -– the political institution that governed Eivissa from 13th to the 18th century (it houses Archeological Museum now). Leaving Plaça de la Catedral, follow a narrow passage to the bastion of Sant Bernat, which gives you overview of the sea with the island of Formentera in the distance. You can go down through the bastion to the terrace below it. Above the bastion, you see the Castel, not in the best shape today.

Continuing your walk along ronda de Joan Baptista Calvi (yes, the guy who designed the fortifications) you come to the bastion de Sant Jordi. From here, you have a magnificent view over the Necropolis of Puig des Molins. From the bastion, we went back retracing our steps along the same route, but you can find your own way.

Eivissa Old Town Walking Tour
Dalt Vila
Ibiza, Spain


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