Piazza Venezia/Forum/Palatino

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If you start at the Piazza Venezia you can walk through to the Forum (Roman Remains) and Palatino area and onto the Colosseum as they are all pretty close by. Allow yourself a full day to fully enjoy.

The Piazza Venezia is incredible in terms of the buildings and statues. you can’t miss it as there is a huge monument to the first King of Italy, Victor Emmanuel. Behind this are the Capitoline museums and a huge geometric square designed by Michaelangelo. Originally the political heart of Rome this area is now home to the Roman City Council and other government buildings which are quite impressive. At the top of a grand staircase you will find huge stone Egyptian lions and classical statues. This also leads conveniently to the Forum area which is the major site of the Roman ruins. The view is fantastic and takes in several other areas of interest, e.g. Palatine and the Colosseum.

If you walk under the triumphal arch of Septimus Sevrus into the grounds of the ruins, you find what is left of Rome in 4th century AD. Some of the remains are littered on the floor as lumps of rock and pieces of column; some walls remain and a large part of the Basilica of Constantine and Maxentius is still standing. Although any valuable materials were pillaged years ago you can still make out the image of the buildings and get some idea of what they were once like. It helps if you either have a knowledgeable guide or take a good guide book here, as nothing is labelled or signposted.

From here you can climb the steps to the Palatine area. This is where the emperors once lived and there are still some remains of the original palace walls and marble floors. The hill has excellent views to the South of the city over Aventine and consists of delightful ornamental gardens with orange groves and pathways through the pine trees. It is very peaceful up here and a nice place to stop for a picnic or just to rest the weary feet.

From Palatino it is a short, well–trodden path to the famous Colosseum. (Tip: get a guide at the Colosseum as you will get in quicker and get tons of info, too).

Piazza Venezia
Piazza Venezia
Rome, Italy, 00187


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