Hanalei Bay & Hanalei Town

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by JenLara on April 3, 2003

The crescent that forms Hanalei Bay contains a few different beaches on the north shore of Kauai, and is a beautiful place to spend a few hours. It's not all that secluded; there were probably a few hundred people in all spread out over a very long stretch of beach, but the backdrop of the charcoal and rust colored mountains fringed with mossy greenery, dropping right into the choppy blue water, made it a scenic and enjoyable stop.

There was a group surfing lesson going on while we were there, and while I myself was not brave enough to try, it seemed like even a beginner would have felt comfortable in the group. Some surfers were riding the waves further out at sea, away from the protection of the relatively calm bay. And there was a really cool section of water where we were able to walk out to sea maybe about 50-100 yards and still be knee-deep in water! Although the tide started coming in pretty quickly, so we had to scramble to get out!

Hanalei town is small and hippy-ish and charming. We ate at a restaurant called Tahiti Nui which had a limited menu of fresh mahi mahi and burgers and fries, that kind of thing. A perfect, pretty cheap place to grab a bite and be on our way!

Hanalei Pier
End of Weke Road
Hanalei, Hawaii, 96714
No phone available


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