Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by John G. Wilbanks on July 18, 2000

The Yellowstone river cuts a deep canyon through yellow and red rock. The Lower falls is the place to be when looking for the beautiful views. It's a must see from all angles.

Take the 'Artists Point' turn off just south of Canyon Village. This affords you two viewpoints. Go to the end for easy access to the viewpiont. A closer and more spectacular view is afforded by turning off at the Uncle Tom's Trail. This as an easy hike down with a strenuous return. Take care on the slippery steps and make sure you are in good shape for the trip back up.

Then return to the main road and head into Canyon Village. Continue down the road to the canyon drive. There are four lookouts on this side. From farthest to nearest they are: Inspiration point, Grandview point, Lookout point, and the closes is the hike down to the platform overlooking the top of the falls. It's worth taking that last hike, you will be amazed.
Lower Falls

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