Emerald Bay

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by miss jen on June 30, 2000

Emerald bay is one of many beautiful jewels at Tahoe. This is a great place to take photos, of both the bay and Eagle Falls. You can hike up Eagle falls and explore many trails in the Desolation Wilderness area. If you plan to hike past the bridge, be sure to fill out the Wilderness Entry form. This is a somewhat tough hike if your climb all the way up the falls. There are lots of boulders to climb up. Once on the ridge, you'll see several alpine lakes and witness a different view of Lake Tahoe. There is a great loop trail that will drop you off about 1/2 mile from Eagle Falls. Look for the maps at the trail head and just have fun!! Be sure to wear proper shoes as this is a somewhat technical hike.
Emerald Bay D.L. Bliss State Park
Highway 89
Lake Tahoe, California, 96143
(530) 525-7277


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