Drinking on the Malecon

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Loe on February 14, 2003

The Malecon is perhaps one of the best parts of Havana. The Malecon, which means "sea wall," is wide enough to sit on even for those who are scared of heights. Many Cubans on nice nights, when the sea is not too rough, congregate at certain parts of the Malecon. If you walk or drive along you will see different groups and activities going on. There are amateurs out there with their guitars, siging and dancing. There are young teenagers out on dates. There are couples enjoying the romance of the sea. There are fisherman working in groups, casting lines. All you have to do is buy yourself a bottle of Silver Dry or a couple--especially if you want to make friends fast. There are tons of Cubans not looking to hustle you that would love to talk to you and share your rum, the best Cuban-friend facilitator. Often there is quite a crowd near Hotel Nacional on the Malecon and thereabouts. If you go right near the tunnel leading to Miramar, you might find some students out since those two high-rise twin buildings are one of the Universidad de la Habana dorms. Near the Hotel Riviera, there are sometimes old Havana fisherman casting their lines like they have done for twenty years. Chilling on the Malecon is a definite Cuban experience, not to mention a cheap night out.
Desde la Habana Vieja hasta Miramar
La Habana, Cuba, 10100
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