Victoria Falls

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by soobax on June 6, 2000

The cost of visiting the falls is about $5. You walk about a half mile before seeing the falls. Before you see the falls, you’ll hear them -- actually, a loud thundering of the water. Baboons dance on the trail toward the fall, almost escorting you to the view, which the children should greatly appreciate. The Falls extend about 2 miles. I viewed them from the Zimbabwe side, which is what most of the tourists do. When I visited, the water level was in between, with the falls being most strong between February and April (allegedly making it almost impossible to see anything), and the least dense between August and October (allegedly not much to look at). Rainbows arch over the falls for extended periods throughout the day. There are plenty of places to sit on a rock and read, eat a picnic lunch, and take pictures. Despite the temperature being about 75 degrees, the spray of the water makes it somewhat chilly. Rainbows abound, the view is one of the most magnificent that I had ever experienced. Bring lots of film!!!
Victoria Falls (Mosi-O-Tunya)
Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

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