Battery Park

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by adm on June 15, 2000

My dad and I came to NY before I moved so I could do some serious apartment hunting. We spent an afternoon in Battery Park. We looked for our family name on the various war memorials and took the boat and tour over to the Statue of Liberty. The park is right on the waterfront and there were runners and rollerbladers, which I thought was very New York at the time. It was a hot day in July and we enjoyed the breeze off the river. We also bought hotdogs and sodas and ate in the shade. I think I shared some of my hotdog bun with the pigeons too. There are various food stands and carts in the park where you could get a cheap snack. My dad and I also checked out the folks selling New York souvenirs in and around the park. You can get some pretty cheap NY t-shirts here, but you probably get what you pay for!! There are numerous events held in the park at different times of the year. I happened to be there with my boyfriend once during 'National Weed Day' or something similar. It was a rally to support the legalization of marijuana. That visit was quite different from the first visit with Dad!!
Battery Park
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