Mount Halekala

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This is a dormant volcano. Many people drive up to the top of the volcano in the wee hours of the morning so they can ride bikes down while the sun is rising. My mother and I knew that would be too strenuous for us but we got up one morning at 2:30am and I drove up to the top of Mount Halekala and we sat and watched the sunrise. It was fantastic! We were actually above the clouds. My mother thought she was seeing the sunrise over the mountains but she was not—she was seeing the sun rise over the clouds that were below us! This is an experience that cannot be understood fully or appreciated fully until experienced. Unfortunately, the batteries were going out in my camera so I got very few pictures of the sunrise. I did have extra batteries with me but it was so pitch black up there that I could not see my hands in front of my face, much less the camera to reload the batteries. I kid you not!

It does get cold up there so you have to layer clothes on and please take the blankets and comforters off your beds at the resort to take up with you and wrap in. The staff at our resort were the people who told us to take our blankets, etc. Now, that's something different, huh? Also, take a flashlight with you so you can see the stairs to climb up to the top of the volcano. We did not have a flashlight and it can be dangerous because it is so pitch black.

This is definitely a MUST DO activity. I just wish I had thought to take along a thermos of kona coffee.

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