Paiute Golf Resort

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by jim on May 7, 2004

I played at this course in a golf tournament for the convention I was attending. I don’t usually play golf when I go to Vegas, but I was glad to be getting away from the casinos. The course is about 20 minutes outside of town at the Paiute Indian reservation. There are three 18-hole courses. I played the Sun Mountain course.

The scenery surrounding the course is very interesting. It felt like I was looking out at the crater of the moon or Mars from an ecosystem. The course was green, lush and full of water, while the landscape around the course was barren, dry, and rocky. It made for many interesting views. The scenery on the course was also quite nice. There are several water hazards, flowers, and other various other scenic features on the course that made for a very pleasant round of golf.

Regarding the play, it was a challenging course (but not too challenging for the typical golfer that heads to Vegas for a convention) that I enjoyed very much. If you hit good shots, you were generally rewarded. None of the holes had any circus features that punished steady play. There were several water hazards, some pretty interesting sand traps and tons of trouble in the rough (which was mostly desert shrubbery and barren ground).

My only complaint was the greens. They were in pretty bad shape. It was very difficult to get a true straight line on a putt because of all the imperfections and patches of messed up grass. There were several putts that hit a chunk and veered off course. I was told that the other courses at Paiute had better greens.

All of the carts had a GPS system that diagramed the holes. You always knew how many yards to the pin. Further, the practice facilities were excellent. Allow a few extra minutes to warm up because the practice tees aren’t right next to the first hole of all of the courses. There is a nice clubhouse for anything you want.

Despite the greens, I had a thoroughly enjoyable day of golf. I probably will try a different course next time I am in Vegas, but I did have a good time. The scenery alone makes this course worth trying at least once. I asked in the clubhouse and they mentioned that the greens are not normally in such bad shape. I would check with them before making a tee time if you are particular about every aspect of the course.

Paiute Golf Resort
10325 Nu-Wav Kaiv Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89124
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