A bus Ride to PeterHof

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You might want to resist temptation by avoiding the natural urge to rush inside the palace in favor of looking over the grounds first. The fountains of Peter Hof only operate during late spring to early fall. The Samson Fountain is the very essence of Peter Hof. It is a very visual centerpiece of the Great Cascade. The Great Cascade has been likened to a hymn of praise to mother Russia. It was Peter I who decided that the fountains would become an integral part of the Palace. The glory of Russia's soldiers and sailors is depicted by statues of the ancient gods themselves. Their figures are found interpersed throughout the fountains. The 'Sea Canal,' or fountain alley, is splendid whether observed in daylight or spotlight after dark. The grounds contain many splendid buildings and all of the places described so far are on the Gulf side of the Palace! You can visit Monplaisir and garden, the Marley Palace, the Cloche Fountain, the Aviary Pavilion, the Pyramid Fountain, and too many other lovely spots to mention. Inside can only be described as a testimonial to the lavish lifestyle of the Czars. The architecture is a mixture of Russian Baroque and French Rococo style. There is a great illusion of light and space and it is fabulous! Not to sound like a broken drum, but I have thus far failed to mention the upper gardens. Please do not short them as it will take at least two hours to see them as well. Four hours in the lower gardens, two hours in the Palace, and two hours in the upper gardens is the minimum time needed to see this splendid jewel created by Peter I.
Peterhof Palace and Gardens
St. Petersburg, Russia


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