The Yusupov Palace

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by marcopolo on June 20, 2000

If you are lucky enough to travel down the Moika and you happen to glance at the main entrance of the Yupsupov Palace, you will feel compelled to enter this jewel among the jewels of St. Petersburg. Built by one of the richest families of Russia during Tsarist times, the Palace is one of the most amazing buildings in all the world. It is the one palace in St. Petersburg where a guide is required and fortunately the guides speak excellent English and do not provide so much information that a listener ever feels restless waiting to go to the next marvel. Highlights of the palace include the gem room, the blue dining room, the red drawing room,the ball room, the white column room, the Moresque room, the private theater, and countless other breath-taking rooms of beautiful furniture and tapestries. It does not hurt the beauty of the palace that the Yusupovs often entertained the Tsars there. In reality this palace was only one of hundreds of properties and estates owned by the family. It is famous not only for its unique beauty but also for its place in Russian history. It was here that Prince Felix Yusupov and his fellow conspirators carried out the assassination of the infamous Russian Monk, Rasputin. This part of the palace's history is well documented with a minature wax museum and an explanation by the guide that leaves nothing to the imagination. I hope that you will take the time to see this wonderful palace that retains its beauty and splendor as if its heyday were only yesterday.
Yusupov Palace
Naberezhnaya Reki Moyki 94
St. Petersburg, Russia

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