Beauty and the Beast

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by jim on June 17, 2000

I'm no theatre buff and I like a sophisticated plot. But Having said that, I still thought Beauty and the Beast was awesome. I wasn't happy when my girlfriend chose this production, but she was definitely right about it being fun. The characters were fantastic, the sets were real cool, the effects (i.e. the boys head on a platter) were fascinating and even the music was enjoyable. We took my 6 year old nephew and he summed it up by saying 'that was the best thing I ever saw'. Try and get seats in the fourth row, you will have a great view and will be surprised by something midway through that makes things a bit more fun. If you find anyone who doesn't like this show - RUN! They are obviously jaded and take things too seriously.
Beauty and the Beast
Lunt-Fontanne Theatre (205 W. 46th St.)
New York, New York, 10036
(212) 575-9200

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