The Museum of Modern Art

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by gatorgirl1977 on June 5, 2006

On our first full day in New York we went to the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). Tickets for the MOMA are included in part of the CityPass booklet I had purchased. The MOMA is not open on Tuesdays, so make sure you plan around that if you choose to visit. It also costs about $20 for adults if you choose to purchase a ticket and not use the CityPass booklet. A good thing to note, however; is that there is free admission on Friday evenings, so that might be the best time to try to go.

When I entered the MOMA, I was really excited when the first thing I noticed was Monet's Waterlilies. I had never realized the size of this work of art. Since I love all things Monet, this was really neat for me. I also enjoyed seeing some of Andy Warhol's Campbell Soup Cans and also one of his famous Marilyn Monroe paintings.

There was also a really interesting photography exhibit of Mount St. Helens and its aftermath. It showed pictures with time stamps of areas just prior to and following the eruption.

The highlight of this museum for me was seeing Starry Night by Van Gogh. I loved looking at the brush strokes of this very famous painting. The museum also had works by Pollack, Cezanne, etc. The collection was interesting and fairly diverse.

The museum gift shop was also really well stocked with all kinds of cool merchandise. I picked up some children's books featuring artwork by famous artists. These books were really unique and interesting. I had never seen books similar to these before.

The only down side to this museum was the staff. I understand that there are millions of dollars of art in this place, but the security guards were definitely on the rude side. While there we had one speak to us about standing too close to the glass barriers; however, not 5 minutes later he was not only standing there, but leaning on the barrier. I also witnessed them taking to numerous other people while we were there.

Overall, I would gladly go back to this museum to see the artwork, but the staff at the Met was far nicer.

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
11 West 53rd Street
New York, New York, 10019
(212) 708-9400

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