Olivine Pools

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by thecopes on May 23, 2006

If you've looked through Maui Revealed, you'll know that the authors list the "Olivine Pools" as a not to be missed gem on the north end of West Maui. And they are right! This is an awesome place and, despite the publicity from the book, thanks to its location and terrain, it's not overrun with visitors. Drive past Kapalua, Honolulu Bay, and the Nakalele blowhole and watch for the "Bell Stone" on your right. Park opposite the stone and make the climb down to the pools. It's amazing to be able to actually snorkel and see some pretty big fish in the deepest pool while the waves crash around you. Frequently the waves heave themselves over the edges of the rocks, generating small scale temporary waterfalls. Kids will definitely enjoy this, but be aware that the climb down is somewhat steep, and you do need to keep an eye on the sea when you're at the pools. Use a little common sense and the family will be perfectly safe. Wearing reef shoes to make the climb, and to walk around the area will make your visit much more enjoyable.

Nothing particularly funny or off-beat happened during our visit although I briefly wore my wife's straw hat, which my daughter seem to think was hilarious for some reason. And, no, I won't post a picture. The occasional startled screams whenever a huge wave sprayed over the rocks was amusing the first time, but then you realized that it can be potentially hazardous if you're not paying attention and get too close to the edge. And I did find it somewhat disconcerting to see people that were unprepared--wearing flip flops--making their way down the cliff, gingerly on the sharp rocks. Hey, try not to let your mangled toes bleed too much in the pools, OK? They probably forgot their sunscreen, too.
Olivine Pools
West Maui
Maui, Hawaii


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