Badlands National Park

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by miadelie on May 19, 2006

The Badlands National Park gets better for me every time I visit it. The older I am, the more I appreciate the amazing beauty of this area. This park spans 244,000 acres of untamed wilderness. I highly recommend camping here if you are experienced in backpacking. You can hike off to any spot in the park to camp, or they have one designated camping grounds. No running water or electricity, however, there are buffalo which roam the park freely, and you must watch out for them. If you get to close, they WILL charge you. The grasslands in this area is also infamous for its several prairie dogs, which are fun for the kids to watch. There is also a dig site here, which I found very interesting to visit. I have never been to an archaeological dig site before, so I found it very interesting to watch the team of three scientists in action! This would probably be a bit boring for the children, but a must see for the adults. There are numerous hiking trails here, and I would recommend venturing out of your vehicle for at least a brief walk. Beware, though—it can get brutally hot here in the summer. The desert conditions make it almost unbearable when it is hot, so bring plenty of fluids for your family. And if you're bringing Fido, don't forget his water, too!
Badlands National Park
25216 Ben Reifel Road
Badlands National Park, South Dakota, 57750
(605) 433-5361

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