Museo del Templo Mayor- Building

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by JesusW on May 9, 2006

Once you pass all the amazing labyrinth that is the basement of the pyramid, you arrive at the building constructed in order to protect all the treasures found during the excavation. Here you can rent a self-guide audio apparatus, you push a button and a voice in your language will explain the major aspects of the artifacts you will see in front of you (the main languages are available: English, French, German, Italian and I think Japanese but haven´t checked lately).In the ground level you will find a model of what the city used to be, that way you can have a vague idea of what the Spanish conquerors destroyed—some truly grandiose buildings and statues.
Museo del Templo Mayor
Seminario 8
México, Mexico, 06060
+52 5 5424784

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