The Gettysburg Trip

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by travelcp09 on May 4, 2006

Gettysburgh is unlike any other historical landmark. It doesn't just suit people who like history, but adventurers themselves. There are trails in the woods, that lead to statues. You are so far back in the woods that you think once you've come upon this statue that you have discovered something huge. It is very interesting what people are able to find about themselves on this trip. The museum just inspired me by how much people have committed themselves to their country. Their courage to fight this war was amazing. The museum held canons, tons of guns, and ancient uniforms that they wore in the war.


Though the most impressing sights of them all, was the battle sights. Under the terrain that they fought was so odd, because it was located on tons of hills. The soldiers had to climb up these hills to fight the enemies at the top. Very impressive, if you think about it. There are still holes of guns shots inside the houses. If you ride around town, make sure that you look at the townhouses and you are able to see the bullet holes on them.


Learning about the war was just another history topic to discuss. Though actually being in the sight where the battle took place, felt like I was actually able to see the battle going on when I closed my eyes.
Gettysburg National Military Park and Cemetery
1195 Baltimore Pike
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

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