Downtown Disney

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by travelcp09 on June 10, 2006

Basically, you haven't been everywhere in Disney if you haven't been to Downtown Disney. Especially you adults, Pleasure Island is awaiting. so if you haven't, you must go back, because there isn't a full Disney trip with a thing not seen. And this, trust me, will be a thing not forgotten.

Now downtown Disney isn't one of the 4 kingdoms, and if you say it is Shame on You. It is simply a place where you can go and collect all your memories and put them into place. Downtown Disney contains shops, Legoland, hidden Mickeys, parades, and Rainforest Cafe. (You can read more about Rainforest Cafe in my other review.) When you go collect your souvenirs from the World of Disney Store, which has the Princess room, Adventure Room, and the Biddidi Biddidi Boutique, try saying that five times fast...anyways BBB is where all the little girls go to feel like a princess: Mainly Cinderella. They have crowns, makeup, outfits, etc. The World of Disney Store is a great place to collect your Disney souvenirs and trust me, you will be bringing home more in you suitcases than what you came with.

For Dining experiences, this and Epcot are one of a kind. Like Animal Kingdom, Rainforest Cafe' is also held in Downtown Disney. So read about that in my other review. Also Animal Kingdom can be read about in my other review. So back to the dining, you have Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant which is GREAT! Especially if you like shepherds pie. YUM! There are other places like Planet Hollywood, which is a must to eat at! You have the house of blues, Captain Jack restaurant, and a bunch more!

Though you haven't seen anything if you (adults ) haven't been to Pleasure Island. It is filled with a lot of fun. Just look at the most fun for adults section at the top and pull down to see more info.

Though do me a favor please and go to Downtown Disney, you never know what magic it will bring.

Downtown Disney
Walt Disney World Resort
Lake Buena Vista, Florida, 32821
+1 407 828 3056

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