Basilica de Guadalupe

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This is the most visited temple in México, people from all over the country come in pilgrimage and even from countries as distant as Australia!

The story of the Indian Juan Diego and his encounter with the Virgin of Tepeyac (the name of the hill where the sanctuary is located) dates from the era of the Spanish conquest, over the years the sanctuary has been changed because of the multitudes can´t fit in the older temples. The original chapel is at the top of the hill, where Virgin Guadalupe asked it to be built, but you will find a modern building in the huge plaza at the feet of the hill, with an older big one being salvaged from sinking.

On the way from the newest temple to the original one on the hill, you will pass along nicely kept gardens featuring roses. The roses are an important part of the story as the bishop of Tlatelolco didn't believe on Juan Diego's account and demanded proof, so the Virgin gave the fresh roses to Juan Diego and he put them on his white mantle, when he arrived and showed the roses, the second miracle was shown as the image of the Virgin was stamped in his mantle, which is now on display at the new basilica.
Antigua Basilica de Guadelupe
Plaza de las Americas 1
Mexico City, Mexico

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