Beauty and the Beast

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Igraine on April 23, 2006

This was actually my first Broadway show - and the one I've seen the most times. I've only seen once actually in New York City however, and that was when I was three, with almost the entire original cast in.

This show is great for young kids. It has all the same characters and songs as the movie, plus several new songs added just for the Broadway production. The script has many fun jokes in it, and all the characters really show their personalities from the movie.

The absolute best part is the staging of Be Our Guest. The choreography is amazing and the costumes are all sparkles and glitter. Fireworks and streamers are going off, and it literally brings the show to a halt for the standing ovation that follows. That scene alone is worth going for.

This is a really fun and entertaining show that retains all the charm of the movie and is a great way to introduce kids to the Broadway Theatre.
Beauty and the Beast
Lunt-Fontanne Theatre (205 W. 46th St.)
New York, New York, 10036
(212) 575-9200

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