Rich Coast Diving

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by gurucostarica on May 16, 2006

Rich Coast diving has a new pet. A pizote (coatis) so cute!!

Besides diving, the people at rich coast have a warm heart for animals. They took care of six puppies that they found in the trash, and found good homes for them. Now they have four kittens put in the maintenance room by their mommy, who is just a stray cat. Rich Coast will take care of them of course. Their final addition is the pizote. Just take a look at the picture! If these people are so good to the animals, just imagine how they are under water. Their dive masters can show you all kinds of marine life, but remember look but don't touch! Have fun.
Rich Coast Diving
Playas del Coco
Playa del Coco, Costa Rica

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