Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Igraine on May 4, 2006

This is most definitely the coolest department store in the world. It's HUGE and carries everything from clothes to caviar. You can go from a room full of fine china to a room full of washing machines in just a few steps.Despite the enormous size of this store, signs are plentiful to direct you to specific departments. The staff is also extremely helpful and willing to direct you to what you need. What departments are on what floors are also well-thought out and make logical sense.This is a high-class store, and has the cleanliness and service to match its high status. If the store doesn't have something in stock, they'll special order it for you. Harrods rightfully prides itself on its reputation for classy, personalized, and attentive service.Every once in awhile, you'll even run into famous people here. The Queen and Prince Charles both have shopped here. When I visited, Sir Bobby Charleton, who kicked the winning Gold Cup goal for Britain in the 1960s, was signing autographs. Not a huge celebrity, but it was a cool experience and I still have his autograph.This is a store that you could spend hours in just looking at the sheer volume of merchandise on display. Even if you aren't looking for something specific, Harrods is a great tourist attraction in its own right, just to see the largest and best department store in the world.
87-135 Brompton Road
London, England, SW1X 7XL
+44 (20) 7730 1234


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